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    Welcome to my website.

    Advaita Patel

    I am a UI/UX & Product designer
    Computer Science Major at UC Berkeley, 2018


I am a junior at University of California, Berkeley majoring in Computer Science. I am very passionate about design and consider myself to be T-shaped. I'm interested in human computer interaction, artificial intelligence and deep-learning. I believe that User experience can make or break a product and hence I have been researching and designing UI/UX.

I spend most of my spare time hiking, exploring new places, painting and visiting museums and other exhibits.

Advaita Patel

My Skills...


Ideation, Roadmaping, Strategy Planing, User Testing, Data Analysis, Market Research, Software Development Lifecycle, Project Management.

UI/UX Design

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Sketch, Flowcharts, Wireframes, Mockups, Personas, Rapid prototyping, Storyboards.


Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS,
Scheme Learning: IOS Development, R, Ruby on Rails.


11 January 2017


Carpt is a Car Platform Technology that can converts a human driven car into an autonomous one. This Ford Motors sponsored project will ease the transition period to self driving technology.

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11 January 2017


GoCar is a mobile application that allows owners to rent out their autonomous cars for a short period of time while not in use to earn money for them. Thus creating a Shared Automated Electric and Connected (SECA) system of vehicles.

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11 January 2017

Biker Safety Belt

Bike safety belt is a wearable device that allows biker to give indications of his directions to the people around him at night to increase safety.

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Conferences and Hackathons

Visual Arts...


Connoisseur Of Alleys

Rajasthani Lady



I'd love to hear your story and share this beautiful world with you.

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