CarPT - Where will you go next?

User Research :

Mobilty- An Empathetic exploration

To come up with our problem statement, our team extensively conducted user research where I carried out one on one face to face 45 minutes interviews with about 30 people of various ages, backgrounds, locations and occupations. Based on the insights I got, I created an empathy map and developed POV statements.

Important POVs included,

Travellers need to feel connected to their excitement because, for them, Mobility is about the experience.

Commuters want smart mobility systems because they don’t want to deal with it.

Based on this our team came up with, the HMW statement.

How might we design transportation systems that transform uncertainty into excitement?

Male Meng Student India

Let's me move around

Accessible and convenient

Convenience saves time, saves energy

Can do more things with today's mobility

Mobility should be something catered to needs: Uber vs. Tour Bus

Mobility is fun - feel the environment around you

Don’t like closed off box of a car - want to connect with environment

Fun feel environment - open windows of a car

Tourist want guided tours

Makes far places accessible - saves time saves energy

Walks everywhere right now

60-70 year old male Worked for BART Engineer

Retired so does not move a lot anymore

Worked for BART

"I like mass transit"

Environmentally conscious systems are important

Millions of people moving around - need an efficient solution

Future: customizable based on user needs (i.e. cost, flexibility, location)

Being in a car seems "wasteful"

Efficiency is key

Autonomous vehicles don't seem as efficient/scalable as mass transit systems

"I'm not gonna be the first person to buy an autonomous vehicle"

Getting people to BART station is main problem to maximizing usage

Mobility affects how people make other decisions - where to live

BART can be "complicated"

Mobility needs have "peak hours" - rush hour

"I was initially thinking social mobility"

Today's engineers are multifacited unlike older engineers

Mobility needs change as you get older

When you start making large investments you are less likely to move - house, family

Job mobility

BART has peak usage hours

Public transit - how do we get people to and from stations?

Idea: for rooted people, helicopter could move their house

450,000 people transit via BART every day

Trusts new technology but would not be the first one to buy it

Time in car is wasteful

Living place choice depends on being close to a transit network

Future goal - enjoy time commuting

People HAVE TO move

Regional accessibility

Cares about environment

Worked for BART - pro mass transit

Rooted and retired

Rides bike and BART instead of car

Female College Sophomore Pre-med Student

Convenience - Uber

Products: legs, bikes, car, tram

Missing the bus sucks!

Nice having apps on your phone

Miss the bus: feel anxiety, "shoot", "Can I skip class?", helpless

Walking: don't deal with traffic

Apps - create sense of certainty, can count on it

Confidence in how you can get to a place is key

Future: Not necessarily in control of mobility system, "you don't even have to think about it", autonomy

Thinks those with disabilities would have different perspective on mobility - they have more inconveniences to deal with

Time = most important factor

Got really worried when she did not recognize the bus route - "This is the F line right?"

Rides bus everyday

Ideation :

As a team, we came up with more than 50 ideas. To enable my creativity, I created mind maps to think about different aspects of excitement and uncertainty. Before honing down onto one idea, I decided to categorize the ideas into different forms such as apps, clothing, autonomous vehicles, etc. We further developed 5 ideas that the team liked by creating sketches. Keeping the needs of the sponsor in mind, our team was most excited to work on the Autonomous platform.

Concept :

Concept Generation


Prototyping :

Docking process

During ride and Undocking

Final Product :

User flow

Part of CarPT

Car docking process

Car motion and parking

Docking process

During ride and Undocking

Applications :

Business Model :

Brief :

Carpt is a Car Platform Technology that can converts a human driven car into an autonomous one. This Ford Motors sponsored project will ease the transition period to self driving technology.

Role :

Lead Designer doing user research, wire framing, lofi and hifi mockups and lofi prototypes.

Purpose :


Design Process :

Began with ethnography and field research in and around Berkeley. Interviewing different user segments and data analysis from surveys. Developed persona, storyboards, and brainstormed ideas. Using data we collected, I created lo-fi and hi-fi mockups and wireframes, while iterating designs with a lofi prototype. Conducted extensive user testing to iterate and improvise on idea and prototype.

Team :

Lexian Guo- Mechanical Engineer, Patrick Hartmann- Mechanical Engineer, Advaita Patel- Designer, and Anosh Sethna- Mechanical Engineer.