Parking Situation in San Francisco

This project was done in a 24hr period for the SF Mobility Hackathon. Our team won the 1st price and was invited to attend the IATR Conference 2016 in San Francisco. For the Hackathon we were given databases on San Fransisco Public Transport such as BART, muni, Ride-sharing app- Karhoo and City transportation data on San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Car accident in San Francisco

After data analysis we found that traffic congestion on the sides of the streets was a primary cause for car accidents in the city of San Fransisco. Additionally car use was extremely inefficient, it was hard to find parking spots and parking fee was high.

Personas :


35, lives in South Bay
Have to drive car from south bay to SF everyday.

Pain Point :

Spent 15 minutes for parking everyday.

Spent 400$ a month for parking.

Pay 300$ for the car loan every month, but only use it for little bit time


38, lives in South Bay
Take Muni or Uber for work.

Pain Point :

Muni is very slow and long walk.

Transfer a lot when taking muni.

Muni stop service at night.

Uber is expensive.

Traffic jam.

Ideation :

Concept Generation

Brainstormed several ideas of what system would most effectively ease human use and have an effective impact on the traffic situation.

User Flow

Developed a user flow for both ends: Car Owner and Car Renter.

UI Design

Sketches of the UI of the app for both ends.

Final Product :

Product Demo

Our MVP :

Works with any self-driving car
Scalable. Works in both cities and remote areas
Individual car owners make profit and have work life balance.
Riders get more affordable and easy to access ride-sharing service.
No need to park your car anymore-less traffic jam.

Business Model :

Timeline of how the idea will advance with technology.

Future Technology

Brief :

GoCar is a mobile application that allows owners to rent out their autonomous cars for a short period of time while not in use to earn money for them. Thus creating a Shared Automated Electric and Connected (SECA) system of vehicles.

Role :

Designer doing statistical analysis, need-finding, wire framing.

Purpose :


Design Process :

Began with Statistical analysis, finding data on online databases to find a market gap. Developed persona, storyboards, and brainstormed ideas. Created a wireframe on the idea and pitched it in 24hrs.

Team :

Advaita- Designer, Wannie- Designer, Sunny- Product Manager.