Snoozer Slider

User Research :

In the current iPhone interface, the only option user gets is to snooze the alarm which has a preset snooze time of 9 mins. This might be very annoying for many users as they have to wake up and keep snoozing several times or put several alarms at desired time intervals.

Prototype :





I began studying different alarm clocks in order to figure out the intuitive action for setting a snooze time. Some of my iterations for the snooze time included slide, scroll bar, drop down, enter in.

Final Product :

Product Demo

The solution I came up with is a snoozer scale for an iPhone which allows the user to set the snooze time every time the alarm rings. The preset time is 9 mins. This wouldn’t disturb the user’s sleep often. I chose a simple interface as the user would be sleepy while using it and hence would simply have to slide. I made it mandatory to press the snooze or stop button as simply sliding can be done by an accident when sleepy. The snooze time is displayed below allowing the user to put in time precisely.

Feedback :

“ This a great idea as instead of setting 2-3 alarms back to back we can just set the snooze time to be 1-2 mins”

“ I genuinely have a habit of waking up after 3 snoozes only which ends up being like 30 mins but now I can set my wake up period to be like 15 mins”

“ If I had an option to set the snooze time I would always make it like 1 hr. ”

Brief :

When asked to redesign the wake up experience, I realized that the alarm in my iPhone annoyed me the most. Therefore, I created a snooze scale that allows you to input the snooze time at the home screen to reduce the number of alarms.